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Nuo Drama the Living fossil of Chinese Drama (II)

At one time, Nuo drama was very popular in every part of China. With social development, however, it faded out in most parts, remaining popular only in southwest China, in areas such as Guizhou, in eastern Yunnan, southern Sichuan and Chongqing, in southwestern Hubei and western Hunan, and in northern Guangxi.Nuo Dramas vary considerably, from [...]

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Intricately Handmade Miao Hmong Silver Jewelry Impossible to Duplicate

While worn by women, the Miao’s silver jewelries are made by men. The unique techniques to craft silver jewelry have been handed down from generations. Don’t look down upon a small piece of silver jewelry, because it involves dozens of procedures which requires extremely patience, persistence and carefulness.MeltingMelting silver is the first step. Traditionally a [...]

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Sichuan Brocade: High-end custom-made gift from the oriental "Brocade City"

Sichuan Brocade, from China’s western metropolis of Chengdu, is one of the representatives of Chinese silk. In recent years, during the International Milan Fashion Week or fashion weeks in Paris, London and New York , you have seen fashion shows with a variety of Chinese silk fabric designed by both Chinese and foreign designers, and [...]

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Mothers’ Love in Baby Carrier

Monogamous families have been the basic social cells of the Bais, with a very few people who practiced polygamy. Parents live with their unmarried children, but only in big landlord families did four generations live together.Bai children are given a lot of attention when they are young. You can see many contented babies in beautiful [...]

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Chinese Mei Tai Baby Carrier

Baby Carrier also known as Mei Tai or Baby Sling is a device which allows an infant to be carried on a person’s back or chest.Traditionally, baby carrier is used so a mother can continue to do her house work or farming work without leaving the baby alone on bed or crawl around the house. [...]

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Hmong Miao Embroidered Mei Tai Baby Carrier – Art? Yes, but Love is More

Because of the elaborate design and incredible embroidery techniques, baby carriers of Hmong Miao ethnic people are now prized by primitive artists and tribal arts textile enthusiasts.Hmong Miao women living in Southwest China are exquisite creators of textiles. From the age of 5 or 6, they begin to learn needlework, continuing through to their teens. [...]

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Miao Hmong exquisite craftsmanship of Miao’s ‘hundred-bird dress’

It was a normal day at the end of November. Jiang Laoben expertly cut a piece of paper and a classic design for a renowned traditional dress of the Miao people was instantly seen. The dress, with its complicated pattern and rich colors, is called “hundred-bird”.The “hundred-bird dress” originated with the Miao ethnic group, Guizhou [...]

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Horsetail Embroidery, the Unique Craft of the Shui People of China

Every ethnic group of China has its own unique way of designing and adorning their costumes and textiles. For centuries a special traditional type of embroidery, horsetail embroidery, has been kept alive by the Shui women in Guizhou province, southwest China. The horsetail embroidery is a special craft which uses horsetail hair as a main [...]

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Tujia Brocade-Xilankapu

Deep in the remote, mountainous region of Western Hunan Province lives one of the largest minority groups in China. They are called “Tujia,” which literally means the “Soil Family.”In August, the osmanthus flowers blossom and send forth fragrance.The Tujia girls are busy weaving brocade.The fragrance drifts far away,But the brocade girls’ cloth stretches even further.– [...]

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Tradition Surpass Generations

The unrivalled craftsmanship of Miao Hmong silver jewelry has progressed constantly in history. Although the individual step in making silver jewelry may seem easy to manage, like burning, blending, hammering, engraving, cutting, and twining, but in fact each masterpiece shows silversmith’s great persistence, patience and painstaking efforts. However, for these silversmiths, nothing can make them [...]

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