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Spiritual Worshiper

The Miao are animists, shamanists and ancestor worshipers whose beliefs have been influenced by Chinese Taoism and Buddhism, and more recently Christianity.AnimistMiao people believe everything in nature has spirits, which are mighty enough to control their lives. They worship the sun, moon, lightening, thunder, fire, rivers, caverns, large trees, huge stones, and animals.Spirits can be [...]

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Philosophy of Life in Three-Course Tea of Bai Ethnic

China is a tea-drinking nation. For the Bai, tea is a popular drink. They normally drink tea twice a day, in the early morning and at noon. The tea drunk in the early morning is called “morning tea” or “wakening tea,” and is consumed immediately after getting up. The tea drunk at noon is called [...]

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Miao Hmong Dragon Boat Festival

The Miao Dragon Boat Festival is celebrated on the Qingshui River from 24th to 27th of the fifth lunar calendar month. It is the most important celebration of the Miao people who live in the Southeast Guizhou province. The Miao Dragon Boat Festival differs from the one of Han Chinese, which celebrates on different dates, [...]

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Spanish Bullfight? No! Miao Hmong Bullfight!

The Miao ethnic people are primarily engaged in agriculture and regard cattle as indispensable in their daily lives. They have a special emotion to bulls and keep their admiration and worship to bulls today. They hung bull heads on the village gate and display bull heads under the shrine at home to worship. Miao people [...]

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Miao Hmong Valentine’s Day

Sister’s Festival,also called the “Eating Sisters’ New Rice Festival”, is a traditional festival for courtship for unmarried young man and women. It is on the 15th day of the third lunar month, when young man and women gather together by the river to celebrate their age, spring and harvest. On that day, girls cook and [...]

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Why Ox Is Important to Miao Hmong People

Residing in the remote mountainous areas of southwestern China, Miao Hmong people respect and worship ox. They think ox is auspicious animal which can bring them good luck. The image of ox always appears in their handcrafted embroidery, batik, and silver jewels. In Chinese zodiac, the year of ox is regarded by Miao Hmong people [...]

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Miao Hmong Guzang Festival, A Living Fossil

Guzang Festival, which lasts about 7 days, takes place a little later after the Miao New Year. Guzang literally means “to bury the drum”. The Miao people believe that drums made of maple trees are the burial place of their ancestors. Therefore, this grand festival, which celebrates only every 13 years, is about burying the [...]

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New-Rice-Tasting Festival

New-Rice-Tasting Festival is the grand occasion for the Miao to taste newly ripe rice and celebrate the coming harvest. This festival is also celebrated among other ethnic tribes in China.On this day, as soon as everyone in the village gather around, the village chief walks to the rice field, cuts three leaves of rice and [...]

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Miao Hmong New Year

No festival is more colorful, interesting and worthwhile visiting than Miao Hmong New Year. Different from Spring Festival of Han Chinese, Miao New Year is the tenth month of lunar calendar. However, the exact date varies each year and is only known one or two months in advance.The Miao Hmong New Year is a traditional [...]

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Bai Ethnic Tribe Traditional Wedding

As one of China’s 55 ethnic tribes, the Bai ethnic group has its own distinctive marriage rituals and they keep the tradition of monogamy.Wedding BanquetBaba TangyuanAccording to its marriage rituals, a girl will give the boy a piece of Baba, a kind of rice cake, if she agrees to his proposal. Before the wedding, the groom’s [...]

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