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Martial Arts Diet

Highlight: Everyone can live longer if they pay attention to their lifestyle and try to live as monks do.People may have often heard that Buddhist monks on average live longer than others, and this is scientifically proven. However, the reason that monks can live longer is not because of their identity as monks, it is [...]

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Shaolin Kung Fu for Beginners

Here is a list of several standing exercises within Kung Fu that will help improve balance, fitness, and mental tranquility. These stances also form the basis of other Kung Fu exercises and forms. The presenter is Master Wu Nanfang, as a part of his Shaolin Wugulun Kung Fu Youtube series.1) Tranquil stanceStand squarely on both [...]

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The Philosophical History of Kung Fu

The Birth of the ArtThe most ancient of martial arts, Kung Fu can be traced back to more than 4,000 years ago when it originated in China as a form of battlefield combat. The Yellow Emperor, who rose to power in 2698 BC, was passionate about writing about several fields, in particular medicine, astrology, and [...]

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What is Zen

Zen is becoming a hit nowadays as more and more people are paying attention to mental health and meditation. What is Zen? Zen is the Japanese pronunciation of the Chinese character “Chan (禅)“,which is interpreted in many different ways, such as living simply or habits. However, it is over-analyzed. Zen is a word that was [...]

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Chinese Diaspora Helps Bring Chinese Culture to the World

Highlight: Chinese culture has been exported worldwide, mostly due to extensive immigration from China, creating large expatriate communities that are keen to practice traditional values while embracing the lifestyle and cultures of their adopted homelands.Chinese culture and lifestyle is promoted throughout the world thanks to the rich and vibrant Chinese immigrant communities located in nearly [...]

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Dimensions of Kung Fu Culture

Highlight: The martial arts of China originated for survival and warfare reasons, but in modern times, Kung Fu has spinoffs in a variety of fields, sometimes retaining the authenticity of the practice, and other times, breaking off into artistic and combined adaptations.Kung Fu is a Chinese term referring to any study or practice that requires [...]

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Benefits of Kids Learning Kung Fu

When you practice Kung Fu, you make your mind and body stronger. The moves you learn might be fun, but Kung Fu can teach you a whole lot more than that! Here are some of the good things that happen when kids learn Kung Fu:1. Improved Focus - The original meaning of ‘kung fu’ is [...]

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The life of a Shaolin Kung Fu Kid

In China, some parents will send their kids away to train in kung fu as early as three years old! These kids work really hard, starting training at 5:30 in the morning and ending around 8 o’clock at night. These kids eat a vegetarian diet and also participate in Buddhist religious training, meditation, and chanting [...]

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Kung Fu Trivia

Answer Key 1) c 2) a 3)c 4)d 5) d.Posted by Yuqing@ InteractChina.com About Interact China“A Social Enterprise in E-commerce Promoting Oriental Aesthetic Worldwide”Aileen & Norman co-founded Interact China in 2004 with specialization in fine Oriental Aesthetic products handmade by ethnic minorities & Han Chinese. Having direct partnerships with artisans, designers, craft masters and tailors, along [...]

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Winter Kung Fu Camps for Kids

Lots of kids have a break from school over winter, here are a few options for winter break Kung Fu camp to build their martial arts skills!Montreal, CanadaTai Chi Kung Fu Montreal is hosting two sessions of Kung Fu day camp for kids during the winter, the first session is between December 27th-30th, and the [...]

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