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Social Enterprise + Oriental Aesthetic + E-commerce = Bunch of Talented People !

Challenges that we are facing (and not too many people have overcome them yet!)

* promote intangible culture that is remote to most of our audience, and popularize unfamiliar / rarely seen cultural products via internet.

* facilitate Westerners to appreciate Oriental Aesthetic, and help them to develop a good sense and taste in this area.

* transform traditional Chinese cultural products into modern chic with an international flare

* co-run, and eventually co-own, a small Multi-National Corporation (MNC) in which members are of diverse backgrounds - nationalities, experiences, expertise and grow up.

* pioneer in social enterprise that focus on the merge of the East and the West; create a business model that can generate profit sustainably to accomplish our predefined social mission.

A) Management Trainee Program
B) Student Internship Program

If you are interested to take up the above challenges, you can join us by applying our training programs. Both A) and B) programs are designed for students that may or may not have work experience but show great potential as future leaders for our international business. Program A) will demand a Master degree as it involves hands on management activities. We welcome students from all disciplines while MBA, MSc in Information Technology, MIB International Business, MA in Communication, Digital Media, Fine Art may have a slight advantage.

Whatever the background, trainee will have the opportunity to learn the basic as follow:

* develop skills in handling various e-commerce platforms
* interact direct with followers / customers via all major social media channels
* deliver excellent customer services in professional manner backed by training & support
* participate group discussion in business growth, website development, marketing & promotion.
* acquire knowledge in Chinese culture and its products via research and group project
* join the monthly team learning activities to broaden one's horizon
* foster friendships with people of similar age from the East

If you

* are an English / French / German / Spanish / Italian / Japanese speakers with excellent oral and written communication skills
* are young and energetic; enjoy challenges; have passion for work, and willing to learn
* have good cross-cultural experience and sensitivity with an international perspective
* are fond of Oriental Aesthetic and its culture, and enjoy to work for a social mission
* want to be an e-commerce professional and look for a career related to the East

Please send us your resume to

We look forward to hearing from you :)

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About Interact China

“A Social Enterprise in E-commerce Promoting Oriental Aesthetic Worldwide”

Interact China is co-founded by a master graduated couple Aileen & Norman from University of London in 2004. It specializes in fine Chinese handcrafted products, with an aim to promote Oriental Aesthetic worldwide via e-commerce, while improving the livelihood of ethnic minorities in Southwest China

Having direct partnerships with artisans, designers, craft masters and tailors, along with 10 years solid experience in e-commerce via, we position well to bridge talented artisans in the East with the rest of the world, and bring you direct finely selected products that are of good quality and aesthetic taste.

So far we carry 3000+ goods covering Ladies Fashion, Tailor Shop, Home Furnishings, Babies & Kids, Painting Arts, Textile Arts, Carving Arts, Tribal Jewelry Art, Wall Masks and Musical Instruments. Our team speak English, French, German, Spanish,Italian and Japanese and serve customers worldwide with passion and hearts.

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Interact China Co-founders, Aileen & Norman + Partners

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