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100% Handmade Antique Embroidery Women Fashion Jewelry Unique Silver Teardrop Dangle Tassel Earrings #115

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Sparkling Oriental Wearable Art- 100% Handcrafted Miao Silver Earrings with Antique Miao Embroidery Decoration

~ Featuring ~
* 100% HANDMADE, NOT FACTORY MASS PRODUCED: Each of these beautiful jewelries is handcrafted by our Miao Hmong silversmith from Miao tribes in Southwest China. *
* ONE PIECE ONLY, A RARE ART COLLECTIBLE: Artistically decorated with rare piece of Miao antique embroidery handsewn by Miao lady artisans. *
* MATERIAL: Miao Silver (alloy of silver and white brass) and Miao antique embroidery. *
* HELP US TO HELP: A unique chance to help our social mission to improve the livelihood of marginalized ethnic minorities and preserve their cultural heritage! *
* EXCLUSIVELY YOUR OWN STYLE: Genuinely ethnic Miao Hmong silver jewelry with exclusive tribal design and original antique embroidery artwork make a fusion and boho style. Easy to match your daily and party wear. *

Miao silver antique embroidery rings

These catchy earrings are a rare wearable ethnic artwork, featuring a shell-shaped filigree design, meticulously hand carved in Miao silver and decorated with lively filigree pendants. Each pair of earrings uniquely incorporates an original piece of embroidery retrieved from an authentic 50-years-old Miao Costume. The typically vivid totemic design of Miao textile art features stylised flowers, spirals and geometries to brighten up the earrings in vibrant colour clashes beyond the ordinary gemstone. Versatile and original, pair them with one of our Miao dresses for a total ethnic look or with any casual staple to personalise your outfit. Short hair or ponytails are an ideal match to exalt your beauty!

Miao Silver Handicrafts

Each unique piece is created by the Miao lady artists of Guizhou Province in Southwest China. Starting millennials ago as a way to carry their wealth throughout their nomadic journeys, silver jewellery tradition has developed over time with a variety of sophisticated techniques and intricate lively patterns largely inspired by tribal embroidery design. A way to symbolise a family social status, Miao people created silver jewels out of silver coins they saved from working. Since the 1950s, the Chinese government has been providing Miao people with silver supplies to foster the sustainable continuation of this immensely rich tradition.

Miao Antique Embroidery

Miao embroidery art is a womanly tradition including 14+ techniques developed since 5,000 years and worldly sought after by Museum and private collectors for its cultural value and increasingly rare beauty. Used as a language to record their ancestral history, Miao women learn how to embroider since the age of 6. The abstract design is highly symbolic, representing life, nature, and wishes for good luck.

In 2006 the Chinese Government aligned with UNESCO enlisted Miao textiles and silver carved art in the national Intangible Cultural Heritage for its contribution to cultural diversity and human creativity.

Item #: MIMYCXEH115
Weight: 5 g
Measurements: 0.8 x 2.8 inch
Material: Miao Silver (Alloy of Silver and White Brass) and Miao Antique Embroidery Pieces

Help us to Help!

With this purchase you are contributing to our great cause! Interact China is a social enterprise committed to the mission of improving the quality of life of marginalised ethnic minorities and preserving their cultural heritage by promoting their products worldwide. We travel around China and Southeast Asia to work directly with the local artisans and bring their beautiful handicrafts directly at your door. A big thank you for supporting us!

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