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Interact China Hulusi Flute made from Bamboo with 3 Octaves, 9 Holes, and 13 Notes Pro Level Woodwind with Case and How to Play Guide 113

All Inclusive: US$ 128 - All Inclusive: US$ 143
Processing Time
1 Day for C and Bb (Other keys require an extra US$ 15 / 30 and 42 days for custom tuning)
Gift wrapping:
Wrapping Paper:$2
Gift Card: $2
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Professionally Tuned, 100% Hand Carved Chinese Hulusi Woodwind Flute

~ Featuring ~
* Professional 9 Holes 13 Notes Main Pipe; Two Tuned Drones; High-Quality Switch for Turning Drones On / Off Easily and Great Sound Delivery *
* Original Yunnan Bamboo; Hand Carved Natural Gourd *
* Securely Fixed with Copper and Nickel Alloy Fittings for Excellent Tone; Deluxe Ox Horn Mouth Piece *
* Detachable Gourd, Pipe, and Drones for Easy Cleaning and Reed Adjustment *
* Quality velvet-lined hard case with shoulder strap; Ornamental Chinese Knot *
* Authentic Original Yunnan Tone, Professional Tuning, 100% Handmade *


Interact China

***** BONUS OFFER ~ FREE with this Purchase !! *****

King of Hulusi - Master Gen Dequan Original CD


Limit 1 CD per customer, while quantities last

Known as the King of Hulusi, Master Gen is of Dai origin and started playing Hulusi at the age of 9. He is a legendary Hulusi player and was the first person to produce music records in this field. He successfully brought Hulusi and Bawu from the ethnic Dai community to China, and later to the rest of the world. Master Gen devoted his life to Hulusi for almost 40 years, and passed away at the age of 50 in 2008.

Interact China

Chinese Flute Hulusi Woodwind
Authentic Original Yunnan Tone - Natural Yunnan Gourd;
Bamboo Pipes; Premium Quality

Chinese Flute Hulusi Woodwind
Hand Carved Natural Gourd

Chinese Flute Hulusi Woodwind
Professional 9 Holes 13 Notes Main Pipe;
Professional Grade with Two Tuned Drone Pipes

Chinese Flute Hulusi Woodwind
Top-of-the-Line Drone Pipe Switches
for Great Delivery of Sound and Quickly Turning Drones On / Off

Chinese Flute Hulusi Woodwind
Securely Fixed with Copper and Nickel Alloy Fittings for Excellent Tone

Chinese Flute Hulusi Woodwind
Deluxe Ox Horn Mouth Piece

Chinese Flute Hulusi Woodwind
Detachable Gourd, Pipe, and Drones for Cleaning and Reed Adjustment

Chinese Flute Hulusi Woodwind
Quality Velvet-Lined Hard Case with Shoulder Strap

Please note: our Hulusi use natural Yunnan rosewood, ebony, sandalwood, bamboo, and gourds (depending on the model chosen) as materials. You can expect an excellent sound quality and original Yunnan tone, with a very slight variation in appearance and artwork due to the Hulusi's natural and handmade nature.

Original Yunnan Ethnic Dai Tribe Gourd Flute Hulusi

The Hulusi or cucurbit flute is a free reed wind instrument from China. It is held vertically and has three pipes which pass through a gourd wind chest.

The Hulusi originated in the ethnic Dai Tribe of Southwest China and can be dated back to the Qin and Han Dynasties (221 BC to 220 AD). The sound of the original Yunnan Dai Tribe Hulusi is hauntingly beautiful, fairly soft, and has a very pure, clarinet-like sound. Dai Tribe men would play it to express their love to women, and other ethnic minorities often played the Hulusi in the fields when taking a break from planting or harvesting.

Although the Hulusi is still predominantly performed in China, it has in recent years been adopted by European composers and performers. Rohan Leach from England, Rapheal De Cock from Belgium and Herman Witkam from the Netherlands have all taken the instrument in new directions.

Item#: YNDAHLS113
UPC: 721762361764
Wind Chest: Hand Carved Natural Gourd
Flute Pipes: Bamboo

Completely Brand New; Tuned, Tested, All Set - Ready to Play.
Performance - Ideal for regular players / professional musicians
Professional tuning included, right key and tone guaranteed.

♫   Plus a free Learning Guide in English & Maintenance Tips + Fingering Chart to get you ready to play in 30 minutes!   ♫

Interact China

~ Have Our Experienced Crafter Engrave Someone's Name, a Phrase, or Even a Dragon ~

Hand Carve Dragon Hulusi Hand Carve Dragon Hulusi Hand Carve Dragon Hulusi

optional choice for US$ 15/ ?15/ AU$ 20/ CA$ 20; simply let us know when ordering

Interact China


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