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Handcrafted Vietnam Handpainted Silk Scarves 100% Real Mulberry Silk Lightweight Oblong Neckerchief For Women Floral Green and Yellow Design#103

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Vibrancy and elegance: 100% Vietnamese hand-painted silk scarf

~ Featuring ~
* BEAUTIFULLY HANDMADE: each piece is 100% designed and crafted by a local Vietnamese artisan; all handmade, no mass factory production
* ETHICALLY SOURCED: we partner with and source directly from local artisans in Vietnam �each purchase is a unique chance to help our social mission to improve the livelihood of marginalized ethnic minorities and preserve their cultural heritage!
* MATERIAL: HIGH QUALITY SILK. This shiny, lightweight fabric is produced all naturally from the cocoons of Vietnamese silk worms. 67 x 31 inch
* EXPERT CRAFTSMANSHIP FOLLOWING ANCIENT TRADITIONS: Vietnam has been a hub of silk production for 4,000 years and is world-renowned for its hand-painted silk art, making our artisan partner a true master in her craft!
* CASUAL CHIC FOR LOVERS OF BOLD FASHION: intricate hand-painted flowers decorate this richly-dyed shimmering silk - a must-have accessory!

Vietnamese hand-painted silk scarf

Dare to be different with this vibrantly elegant scarf! Skillfully woven from Vietnamese silk, this beautiful scarf is both light and soft to the touch, so will feel comfortable against even the most sensitive of skin. Thanks to the rich color, any lover of bold fashion will feel like the star of the show in this eye-catching accessory. The fabric has a metallic sheen that shimmers sumptuously in the sun, accented with intricately painted floral designs in complimentary colors. Masterfully hand-painted, these flowers reference the centuries-old tradition of Vietnamese silk painting and provide the touch of elegance that turns this scarf from an attractive accessory to a truly unique product! This scarf is perfect for the hot summer months, particularly to protect against that office air conditioner that is always on too high! Pair with denim shorts and a loose white blouse to achieve effortlessly casual chic, or a tailored, navy dress to make your outfit pop in a more formal setting!

Vietnamese Silk Hand Painting: an intangible cultural heritage

First made in Vietnam around 4,000 years ago, silk is a natural fiber that comes from the cocoons of silk worms. Once considered to be only for the nobility, this luxurious fabric is now more widely available, though it retains its status as a uniquely special fabric made by expert artisans. Feeding on mulberry leaves, the silk worms grow and build their cocoons, from which the silk thread is extracted. Astonishingly, it takes around 3,000 silkworms consuming 104 kilograms of mulberry leaves to make one kilogram of silk! The silk thread is very fine when extracted from the cocoon and so five to ten threads are twisted together to form a yarn, which is known as raw silk. The raw silk is then dyed and woven on wooden looms to create the beautiful silk fabric we see in shops!

Silk painting is a unique art form traditional to Vietnam, and some of the earliest pieces date back to the 15th and 16th centuries. Before painting, the silk is stretched on a wooden frame. Silk painters then usually sketch out their design as one paint is applied, it is very difficult to change. When painting, the artist often paints first with the lighter colors and then moves to darker colors, using several layers to create the beauty and depth of a silk painting. Often parts of the painting, such as the sky, are purposely not painted to let the texture of the silk fabric become part of the painting. The Vietnamese style uses colors and techniques that distinguish it from Chinese or Japanese silk painting and has been very popular on the world stage since an exhibition in Paris in the 1930s.

Item #: VTSHSCWJ103
UPC: 70379189834
Measurements: 67 x 31 inches
Material: 100% silk.
Care instructions: Dry clean if you can or wash by hand. Silk is quite delicate, and hand washing helps prevent damage. Mix a mild detergent or a baby shampoo with cool water, and let it soak for about five minutes before rinsing clean. It's best to use cold water when washing cashmere to prevent shrinking, fading, spotting, and color bleeding. never dry clean or tumble dry. Air dry.

Help Us To Help!

With this purchase you contribute to our great cause! Interact China is a social enterprise committed to improve the livelihood of marginalised ethnic minorities and preserve their cultural heritage by promoting their products worldwide. We travel around China and Southeast Asia to work directly with the local artisans and bring their beautiful handicrafts directly at your door. Thank you for supporting us!

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