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Fine 99 Earrings High Purity Sterling Silver Jewelry 100% Handcrafted Art #162

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Contemporary International Chic with Tribal Vibes - 100% Handmade Earrings Miao Hmong 99 Tribal Silver Collection

~ Featuring ~
* BEAUTIFULLY HANDCRAFTED: Handmade piece by piece, no factory mass production - 100% artistically crafted by highly skilled Miao Hmong silver artisans from the hill tribes in Northern Thailand *
* MATERIAL: 99% PURE SILVER, OXIDIZED FOR VINTAGE EFFECT. Top quality silver of higher purity standards than 925 sterling silver. *
* ETHICALLY SOURCED: Partnering with and directly sourcing from artisans of ethnic tribes from Northern Thailand. A unique chance to help our social mission to improve the livelihood of marginalised ethnic minorities and preserve their cultural heritage! *
* INVALUABLE CRAFTSMANSHIP AND CULTURAL HERITAGE: Meticulously created following Miao Hmong tradition �Authentic array of human creativity and unrepeatable craftsmanship enlisted in China as National Intangible Heritage since 2006 *
* GLOBAL CHIC DESIGN FOR STYLISH ETHNIC CONTEMPORARY LOOKS: Accurately engraved vibrant abstracted patterns and hoops with antique finish �Complete your classy multicultural outfit with authentic ethnic flavour! *

Miao Tribe 99 Silver Earrings

These original silver earrings bring an ethnic zest to your look. A unique piece crafted in far Hills of Thailand by inspired Miao Hmong silversmiths in antiqued silver, this pair of jewels features an intricate engraved detailing with stylish tribal patterns such as spirals, eye like dots and lines. Wear these earrings with tied up hair, red lipstick and a colourful pleated skirt to spice up your global fashion style with tribal art.

Miao Hmong Silver Crafting: An Intangible Cultural Heritage

Miao Hmong people living in Southwest China, Northern Thailand, Vietnam and Laos are worldly renowned for their rich artistic heritage and incredible manufacturing skills that they express through their unique clothing and exquisite jewelry. Silversmithing is a long-established male tradition with strong cultural connotation and artistic value, featuring both a high level of creativity and technical sophistication. In China, Miao silver crafting was enlisted in national cultural heritage in 2006.

Watch the following video to discover how Miao people use silver in daily attire:

99 Silver Jewelry With Oxidized Effect

Each unique piece is crafted from 99 silver, which contains at least 99 % silver and only 1% of other metals, generally copper or white brass. Pure silver is very bright and malleable. Because of this softness, it is considered hard to craft into jewelry. Most silversmiths worldwide therefore use sterling (a.k.a. 925) silver, an alloy composed by 92.5% of silver and of other metals by 7.5%. Miao Hmong artisans possess the exceptional skills for crafting purer silver, using a time-consuming and complex process. Silver is first melted in a charcoal furnace and once solidified, hammered to a thin bar. The design is engraved in silver with accurate chisel strokes. Usually silversmiths employ more than one chisel to engrave different lines and shapes, using the cutting edges of the tool as a sort of stamp, to creatively carve the desired pattern. Finally, to further emphasise the intricacy of the design the jewel is antiqued using chemical (sulphur liver) or natural (egg yolk) oxidants which give a vintage look.

Check this video out if you want to know more about Miao silversmithing:

Item #: MI99CYEH162
Measurements: 1.1 x 1 inches; Weight: 7.6 g
Material: 99% pure silver (purer silver standard than 925 sterling silver), oxidized for a vintage effect.
Care instructions: Pure silver is very delicate and subject to oxidation. Polish delicately with a silver cleaning cloth to remove oxidation stains. Store in a box when not used.

Help us to Help!

With this purchase you contribute to our great cause! Interact China is a social enterprise committed to improve the livelihood of marginalised ethnic minorities and preserve their cultural heritage by promoting their products worldwide. We travel around China and Southeast Asia to work directly with the local artisans and bring their beautiful handicrafts directly at your door. Thank you for supporting us!

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