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Chinese Drama Home Wall Decor Opera Mask 100% Wood Craft Folk Art #125-130 6 Role

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Chinese Ground Opera Mask – Exquisite Wall Decor Art by Inherit Master

~ Featuring ~
*100% Hand Carved & Painted by Award Winning Craft Master inherited in Ground Opera*
*Rare Collectible – Technique & Craftsmanship rooted from 600 Years of Heritage*
*Exquisite, Vivid & Affectionate - Ideal Wall Décor Art for Great Visual Pleasure*

Chinese Opera Mask

This culturally rich yet very charming mask is a real charm for any home décor / mask lover / collector - it is a genuine Ground Opera Mask (some classified it as Nuo Opera, or Dixi in Chinese), hand carved and painted by our award winning Crafts Master Mr. Yang, who family has been in this tradition for several generations. Ground Opera is considered the living fossil of Chinese Opera Art. It originated some 600 years ago, and still be found in some remote villages in the Southwest China. The focal point of this art form is the mask. It requires exceptional craftsmanship, artistic talent, and years of experience to carve an affectionate and vivid mask, in which to reflect the role's character and its represented spirit.

In 2006, Chinese government aligned with United Nation UNESCO heritage policy, accredited Chinese Ground Opera and its Mask an Intangible Cultural Heritage, recognizing its contribution on cultural diversity and human creativity, and safeguarding this human treasure to be kept alive.

“Exquisite artwork, fine craftsmanship, inherited technique - this mask is no doubt a class of its own!”

Item #: GZHADXMJ125-130
Measurements: approx. 15 x 32cm each
Weight: approx. 600g each
Material: Solid Aspen Wood
Processing Time: 4 - 6 weeks
Craftsmanship Level: Master Level

Mask Role:
1) Mu Guiying - General
2) Yang Zongbao - General
3) Yang Paifeng - Warrior
4) Jiao Zan - General
5) Meng Liang - General
6) Yang Ye - General

Role Description:
1) Mu Guiying, a tough yet feminine lady, was a General from the famous House of Yang. She was confidence and had exceptional talent, courage and skills in commanding army to battle against Liao invasion, making her one of the best female commander in Chinese classic.
2) Yang Zongbao, a third generation of a famous House of Yang, was Mu Guiying's husband. He was a General and formed a husband and wife team to defeat invader Qidan.
3) Yang Paifeng was a maid in the House of Yang. She was also trained as a warrior equipped with basic martial arts technique. Along with other ladies in the House of Yang, she formed the backbone for the House of Yang, helping the defend of the nation.
4) Jiao Zan, a straightforward and humourous man, was one of the four original mountain kings in the region. His specialty weapon was spear, and later joined the House of Yang as General. He was a good partner with General Meng Liang, and both of them were well-known valors.
5) Meng Liang, a good partner of General Jiao Zan, was a valor in the House of Yang. He was a relax person, but when in critical moment he could be very serious. His used broadax and a self made weapon - a fire cucurbit fills with sulfur balls, when in the battlefield.
6) Yang Ye, a General and strategist, was a key person in the House of Yang. He was conscripted by the Emperor Taizong of Song to defend the northern borders against Khitans (Liao Dynasty). He however had a miserable ending, where he was captured by the Khitans and was starved to death.

The Story: Mu Guiying Takes Command, is a story about a great Female Commander Mu Guiying of Song Dynasty who lead Song army to defend their homeland against militant nomad Liao from the North of China.



Interact China

Our Award Winning Craft Master

Our Craft Master Mr. Yang Ding Kuen is in his late 50’s. He started his carving career since the age of 24, where his father propagated this very traditional mask carving technique to him. His works has been used in many Chinese musical plays, while earning numerous awards including the Best Prize for Guizhou Province Arts and Crafts Fair in 2006. He is also the committee member of Guizhou Arts and Crafts Association, and has various appearances in TV art programs, including those hosted by China Central Television.

Inherit Master
Mr. Yang Ding Kuen in magazine interview

Ground Opera Mask Production Process

1) Select good quality Aspen wood that are of right curve, size and shape
2) Carve initially for the overall shape
3) Carve sophisticatedly for exquisite details
4) Conduct high temp process for wood hardening
5) Polish wood surface for multi-layer colorings
6) Paint several base colors as main theme. Dry naturally for second layer coloring
7) Paint artistically for overall expression. Dry naturally for third layer coloring
8) Paint exquisitely for fine details. Dry naturally for polishing and waxing
9) Polish the mask surface for final waxing
10) Wax the mask for sharp, long lasting effect and wood protection.


Interact China

About Chinese Ground Opera

Chinese Ground Opera

Originated from the Ming Dynasty 600 Years Ago

Ground Opera (some classified it as Nuo Opera, or Dixi in Chinese) originated sometime between 1368 and 1398 during the reign of Ming Dynasty. When Ming expanded its territories, estimated 200,000+ armed forces relocated from Central China to the Southwest Frontier. They stationed in remote mountainous 'Tun Pu' (Tun Pu means fortress in Chinese) and brought along the Ground Opera with them. It was played for both entertainment and army practicing purposes, and could be performed in any open grounds. (hence called "Ground" Opera).


Theatrical Costumes + Vivid Masks + Orchestral Music + Fictions

During the performance, actors are dressed up in theatrical costumes and wear masks on the forehead with a piece of black gauze to cover the face. Warriors will wear chicken feather on the head and small flags on the back. The performance is accompanied by orchestral music and percussions, and its storyline is mostly related to historical fictions.


The "Living Fossil" of the Opera Art

The traditional Ground Opera that originated from Ming dynasty has been lost except those kept by the villagers living in “Tun Pu" villages. This is due to the geographical isolation and hence they are able to preserve it. Nowadays there are only a few "Tun Pu" villages left and people living there are in their 22nd generations. They continue to perform Ground Opera during the harvest season and the Chinese New Year as a sign of rich and prosperous life. Ground Opera mask is a popular collected item by art research institutes and museums in many countries, including Britain, United States, France, Germany and Japan.

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