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100% Handcrafted Thai Pure Silver Snake Chain Bracelet 925 Sterling Enamel For Women Colourful Ethnic Design Vintage Artisan Style - Fair Trade #103

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Urban Chic with a Touch of Tribal Fun: 100% Handmade Thai 925 Silver Enamel Bracelet

~ Featuring ~
* BEAUTIFULLY HANDMADE: each piece is 100% designed and crafted by Miao Hmong master craftsmen living in Northern Thailand; all handmade, no mass factory production
* ETHICALLY SOURCED: we partner with and source directly from Miao Hmong artisans in Northern Thailand - a unique chance to help our social mission to improve the livelihood of marginalized ethnic minorities and preserve their cultural heritage!
* MATERIAL: 925 SILVER, OXIDISED TO GIVE A VINTAGE EFFECT. Top quality silver, both durable and easy to maintain, thanks to the oxidization process.
* EXPERT CRAFTSMANSHIP FOLLOWING ANCIENT TRADITIONS: the Miao Hmong people have been working with silver for thousands of years, making them masters of this delicate craft, listed by UNESCO as intangible cultural heritage since 2006!
* THAI BRAIDED CHAIN STYLE FOR LOVERS OF INTERNATIONAL TRIBAL CHIC: the ornate, braided chain combines with vivid enamel beads, featuring indigenous, geometric designs- a unique piece of art to bring tribal flair to your look!

Thai 925 Silver Enamel Bracelet

This elegant bracelet is the perfect fusion piece. Combining authentic Miao Hmong silver techniques with the ancient art of cloisonné enamel, this piece brings a sophisticated and stylish flair to your look. Thanks to the oxidization process which uses chemical or natural oxidants, this gorgeous bracelet has a vintage feel and is also much easier to maintain! The classic Thai braided chain style matches seamlessly with the vivid, intricately designed enamel beads, fluidly melding tribal and urban chic â€?both traditional and trendy. Pair with a formal, navy dress to make your work outfit pop, or a flowing, brightly colored blouse for a more casual evening! As for matching jewelry options, the Thai 925 Silver Enamel necklace complements this bracelet perfectly, and both can be kept safe and sound in our range of wooden jewelry boxes, also handmade in Northern Thailand!

Miao Hmong Silver Enamel Jewelry: Intangible Cultural Heritage

The Miao Hmong people are known around the world for their silver craft, a tradition that dates back thousands of years to a time when the Miao people were nomadic and carried their wealth on their person while travelling in the form of silver jewelry. Declared intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO in 2006, the jewelry often features abstract, geometric designs and intricate natural patterns. This bracelet combines Miao Hmong exquisite silver craftsmanship with the ancient art of cloisonné enameling. Enameling arrived in China from the Middle East in the 14th century and spread throughout Laos and Thailand. This complex process involves crafting strips of silver wire and fusing them to the base silver to form little compartments (hence the name ‘cloisonnéâ€?which means partitioned in French), which are then filled with powdered glass and fired in a kiln to create top-quality, durable enamel. The color of the enamel depends on which natural minerals are added; red is the hardest color to make and comes from the addition of gold to the glass. The final step in the process is the oxidization of the silver. This involves antiquing the jewelry using chemical (sulphur liver) or natural (egg yolk) oxidants, giving the piece a vintage look and making it much more durable and easier to maintain â€?no more endless silver polishing for you! Thanks to the expert craftsmanship of our Hmong partners, your piece will shine vividly for years to come!

<7-8.3br />Item #: THFL925CYSL103 -
Measurements: 6.7inches; Weight: 15 g
Material: 925 sterling silver, oxidized for a vintage effect.
Care instructions: Polish delicately with a silver cleaning cloth to remove stains. Store in a box when not used.

Help Us Help!

With this purchase you contribute to our great cause! Interact China is a social enterprise committed to improve the livelihood of marginalised ethnic minorities and preserve their cultural heritage by promoting their products worldwide. We travel around China and Southeast Asia to work directly with the local artisans and bring their beautiful handicrafts directly at your door. Thank you for supporting us!

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