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100% Hand Painted Wax Batik Cotton Sofa Couch Cushion Cover Set 15.7x15.7 Inches Decorative Throw Pillow Case #103

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Product Description

Wonderful Indigo Batik - 100% Handmade Miao Hmong Wax Batik Cushion Covers in Cotton

~ Featuring ~
* DELICATELY HANDMADE, NEVER FACTORY PRODUCED: 100% handmade by skilled Miao Hmong craftspeople in Southwest China/Southeast Asia with expert, original techniques and creative designs – a genuine piece of cultural heritage! *
* TOP QUALITY COTTON: Wax batik on natural cotton with a hidden zipper, soft to the touch and made to last, dyed with natural ingredients – natural and organic living! *
* SIZE TO FIT BEDS, SOFAS AND CARS: Measurements 15.7 x 15.7 inches
* ETHICALLY SOURCED: We directly partner with and source all our products from genuine ethnic minority groups – each purchase is a unique chance to help our social mission to improve the livelihood of marginalized ethnic minorities and preserve their cultural heritage! *
* DEEP INDIGO BLUE AND WHITE GEOMETRIC AND NATURALISTIC DESIGNS: Eye-catching geometric and flowing natural patterns bring a distinct ethnic aesthetic to your household! *
* Price quoted is for single cover not pair, inside cushions are not included *

Miao Batik Cushion Cover

A glorious marriage of powerful natural and geometric design brings a drama to your room. Traditional blue and white geometric patterns and abstract natural motifs create an eye-catching and intriguing pattern that is both ethnic and sophisticated. Strong and soft cotton material provides comfort and enjoyment. Bold coloring and pattern make it add a vibrancy to your living space. Can stand alone as the center-piece on a sofa with a muted color scheme, or can fit well with other geometric and natural patterns as part of a broader design scheme.

About Miao Hmong Wax Batik

Batik, or the technique of wax-resist dyeing, has a history of over two thousand years, making it one of the world’s most ancient crafts. The Miao Hmong people, hailing from Southwest China and Southwest Asia, were some of the first to master the craft.

Subsequently, it has become a central feature of their history and cultural identity; even today the secrets of batik continue to be passed from mother to daughter. The artists first draw onto the cloth with a wax knife or ladao, creating dye-resistant patterns of lines and dots. The cloth is then soaked in dye: traditionally blue from the indigo plant was sourced as it was readily accessible in the mountainous homeland of the Miao Hmong people and could be dyed in cold water without damaging the wax patterns. The wax is then boiled and scraped off, revealing the artist’s design in a contrasting colour. This is repeated several times to create sophisticated natural and geometric designs.

In 2006, Chinese government aligned with United Nation UNESCO heritage policy to elevate Miao Hmong batik to the level of Intangible Cultural Heritage, thus recognizing its contribution to cultural diversity and human creativity with the intention of preserving the techniques of Miao Hmong batik for future generations.

Measurements: 15.7 x 15.7 inches
Material: 100% Cotton; painted in wax and dyed with natural indigo plant
* MACHINE WASHABLE: Cold water and a gentle setting recommended. Each product is dyed with eco-friendly natural plant pigment and is therefore colorfast. We recommend you soak them in cold salt water for 30 minutes, rinse a couple of times and then wash. The first few washes will see some color fade *

Help us to Help!

With this purchase you are contributing to our great cause! Interact China is a social enterprise committed to the mission of improving the quality of life of marginalized ethnic minorities and preserving their cultural heritage by promoting their products worldwide. We travel around China and Southeast Asia to work directly with the local artisans and bring their beautiful handicrafts directly at your door. A big thank you for supporting us!

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