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100% Hand Batik All Cotton 150x200 cm Table Cloth Cover Tapestry Throw Wall Decor #138

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Product Description

Genuine Ethnic Tie Dye Batik ¨C Fabulous Colors, Aboriginal Patterns, 100% Handcrafted

~ Featuring ~
* Aboriginal Design - Blending Natural Figures with Aboriginal Geometric Pattern *
* Inherited Technique - 100% Handcrafted in Traditional Method from the Tie Dye Homeland *
* Visually Pleasant - Great Varity in Color, Pattern & Size; Ideal Natural Home Furnishing Item *

 Tie Dye Batik Art

Fabulous Tablecloth / Wall Hanging Artwork by Homeland of Tie Dye Batik

This fabulous all handmade batik tablecloth / wall hanging is produced by Ethnic Bai Tribe living in the Bai Autonomous Region in the Southwestern China. Bai people live with and treasure natural environment. They has century of tradition in producing tie dye batik, and their unique pattern design and excellent craftsmanship has earned them the reputation of "Homeland of Tie Dye Batik" in China.

Background of Tie Dye Batik

Tie dye is a technique in which certain areas of fabric are bound or tied so as to resist color when the material is immersed in a dye bath. Several manual processes involved such as folding, enlacing, bundling, sewing, tying and dyeing. While the craft has been practiced in nearly every part of the world for hundreds of years, it probably began in ancient Asia and spread to Africa.

Tie Dye Batik Art

In 2006, Chinese government aligned with United Nation UNESCO heritage policy, accredited Bai Tribe Tie Dye Batik an Intangible Cultural Heritage, recognizing its contribution on cultural diversity and human creativity, and safeguarding this human treasure to be kept alive.

¡°You will be impressed with their artistic talents in blending natural figures such as flower, fish, river and butterfly with their very own geometrical designs, making this artwork looks beautiful and marvelous!¡±

Item #: YNBAZRTB138
Measurements: 150 x 200 cm
Material: Tie Dye Batik on 100% Cotton Fabric
Material: Colorfast after initial wash; Machine washable separately on cool / gentle


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